Consultant: Supplemental (Special) Needs Trust.



A Practice Whose Focus is Trusts (including Supplemental Needs Trusts and Non-Medicaid Compliant Trusts) and Guardianships for Minors and the Disabled Who Are Awarded Settlements in Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Matters.

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Jay J. Sangerman, PLLC, is an AV rated boutique law practice concentrating in assisting attorneys in medical malpractice and personal injury case settlement by understanding and resolving Medicaid and Medicare issues and planning for the placement of settlement proceeds.  The practice includes Supplemental (Special) Needs Trusts, Trusts that are not Medicaid compliant, Guardianships, Estate Planning and Estate Administration:

The Firm serves as consultant to Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys,  Insurance Companies and government agencies, in the settlement of Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Actions and the placement of settlement funds.  Jay The firm provides  Medicaid and Medicare advocacy as related to medical malpractice and personal injury actions.

The firm represents professionals and individuals in guardianship proceedings related to supplemental (special) needs trusts and medical malpractice actions and related services.  The firm, since 1991, prior to the federal law for supplemental needs trusts, maintained its core practice working with medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys, generally after settlement of their actions, in planning for the protection of settlement funds to be received by minors and incapacitated adults through supplemental needs trusts and other appropriate trusts, as well as guardianships, for the placement of settlement funds.

New York State enacted the Medical Indemnity Fund, which became effective in September, 2011, and, as of the effective date of the Medical Indemnity Fund, the Firm has been drafting trusts that are compliant with the rules and regulations of the Medical Indemnity Fund.   


Admitted to practice in New York.

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