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NEW MEDICARE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS:  Medicare Secondary Payer Mandatory Reporting Provisions in  Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007  (See 42 U.S.C. 1395y(b)(7)&(b)(8))

President Signs S. 1932, The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005

Impact upon Medicaid eligibility.

Is there an impact upon structured settlements?

New New York State 2006 Medicaid Rules

Arkansas Department Of Health and Human Services et al. v. Ahlborn .... and interaction with supplemental needs trusts.

Office Biography

Resources for Personal Injury and Defense Attorneys and
Structured Settlement Brokers

Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
Supplemental Needs Trust for Tort Claims
Negotiating and Settling the Medicaid Lien
Special Needs Trusts:  A State to State Analysis
Current Developments In Special Needs Trusts
Structuring of Attorney Fees
Ethical Considerations for Elder Law Attorneys
Cano and Drafting of the Supplemental Needs Trusts:  July 12, 2004 Decision
by the Hon. Bertram Katz, Supreme Court, Bronx County
Supplemental Needs Trusts:  The Second Decade.  NYLJ, July 24, 2004.
Types of  Social  Security Income
..............and more..................

Resources for Structured Settlement Brokers, and Insurance Personnel  Involved in Tort Settlements and Structured Settlements
Transfer of Payee in Structured Settlements
New York State trial court anti-factoring decision
A Cautionary note pertaining to retention of SSI benefits:  SSI Rules and SSA letter regarding periodic payments into an SNT.
Special Needs Trusts as useful tools in settlement negotiation
      Medicaid liens: When, and under what circumstances,
      do they need to be repaid?
Section 111 of the Medicare Secondary Payor Rules
..............and more..................

Planning For The Disabled:  Supplemental Needs Trusts
Supplemental Needs Trusts  Trusts for Disabled
Supplemental Needs Trust for Tort Claims, etc.
Settlement Trusts - not intended for Medicaid Eligibility

Estate Planning
Questions and Answers On Estate Planning
New York State Estate Planning

Social Security Information
Payments for each type of Social Security - Retirement, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income

The Guardianship Process
New York Rules for Fiduciary Appointments

Medicaid Planning
Medicaid, Spousal Refusal and Lawsuits Against the Spouse
Medicaid Documentation Checklist
Medicaid Benefits Checklist
Exceptions to Asset Transfer Rules
Special Rules for Holocaust Reparations
Reimbursements for Prior to Medicaid Acceptance

Advanced Medical Decisionmaking
Forms for Advance Directives
New York and Florida

Hospital and Nursing Home Issues
Hospital Discharge Process for the Elderly
Available Resources: Nursing Homes, Homecare
Patient’s Rights

Additional Articles and Documentation
Grandparents’ Rights
Solos Booming in Elder Law
Preserving “Health And Wealth”

Legal Ethics and Statement of Client Rights
Ethical Issues In Elder Law
Ethical Considerations for Elder Law Attorneys
Statement of Client’s Rights


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